Mathnotes – in progress

I studied my Bachelor of Education through UniSA.

I am currently continuing my education through UniSA. I am working towards my Honours in Applied Psychology to enrich my understanding of human motivation, especially pertaining to in the classroom, as a Mathematics student, and in the workplace.
I have a deep passion for Mathematics Education, and Education in general, and as such I have devoted time for the last ten years to helping high school students successfully through their Mathematics curriculum.

What Makes Me Different:

I teach Mathematics because I love teaching Mathematics. I don’t see myself as a ‘Maths teacher’. I have an eclectic portfolio, with many diverse personal goals. I am drawn to teaching Maths over and over because it is a vocation where I feel my temperament, skill set, and abilities can really be put to good use in the world. I like to think of it as ‘I didn’t choose maths teaching, maths teaching chose me.’ And then I sort of became obsessed with it.

This is a place I can really be useful, and give back to my community.

I adapt my teaching to each child’s needs, at the same time as really having an understanding of what it takes to get through. It’s a great achievement to have a high school Mathematics diploma in today’s world!